Pickr – Print Class Lists Friday before new tutorials

Login to Pickr app. Ensure tutorial is active

Click Student Report

Sort By Instructor

Students who are not registered for a tutorial

Register students for a tutorial who have not registered. Absent students, students who didn’t follow directions, etc. Register unregistered students for tutorial (in our case the Library Activities is the fallback tutorial).

Print the list of students and cut up class lists for teachers.

Tutorial Groups

Determine who will be in Group A and Group B for tutorials for the cycle.

What is Pickr?

Pickr is a new way to allow students to choose ad-hoc groups in school. It was designed to allow student choice during tutorials, as described by Mike Mattos and Austin Buffum in It’s About Time: Planning Interventions and Extensions in Secondary School.

Pickr is open source, licensed under GPLv3. It will always be free to download and use.

For more information, please contact @jethrojones or @damonhargraves